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Hey world

Behind the service project Embrace Malawi are three young high school graduates named Ethan McKenna, Miè Lacroix and myself, Nam-mi Kölbener. First of all, I will quickly introduce you to our team, so you can get to know us a little bit. Ethan is 20 years old, loves playing the guitar and is from Reading Pennsylvania. Miè is a French Canadian girl from a small town named Saint-georges, a few hours away from Montreal. She is seventeen years old and, when she’s not laughing out loud, loves playing the piano. And last but not least myself; my name is Nam-mi Kölbener and I am 19 years old. Normally I’m living in Appenzell, a tiny village in the east of Switzerland. I love reading books and writing (in German it’s most of the time easier)

Since you found your way to the NextGen Academy website, it is not such a big surprise that we are all participants of the full-year program of NGA. Started in September, we have been working very hard to gain leadership skills in order to use them adequately in real life. One opportunity NGA offers us is a five week long service project in Africa. My team and I are going to spend this time in Malawi! We are so excited to plan our service projects for the time there. At the moment we are in the states preparing and getting to know each other as a team.

We are anxiously waiting to go to Africa in February!

Thank you so much for reading this and for your interest

Lots of love (or how swiss people would say machids guet)

  • Nam-mi