The Momentum Training Series is a set of dynamic, interactive presentations that teaches students about awareness, empathy, and integrity by experiencing them first-hand. We offer a chance for students to build authenticity within themselves and in their relationships with others, based on the principles of confidence, trust, and honesty. The Momentum Training Series is primarily focused on – but not limited to – the reduction of bullying, gossip, peer pressure and cliques. 

Why Momentum? 

High School is often a battleground - emotionally, socially and sometimes, physically. Many times students feel as if they are alone in the world, that their problems are their own to take care of. As a result, students can become numb to the effect their words and actions can have on those around them.

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”  

                                  –  Howard Thurman

NGA full time volunteers create Momentum presentations that help instill awareness in local schools. By offering personal testimony and speaking from their hearts about their own high school experiences, they set an environment where students can safely share what is really going on for them with their peers. The objective is not to isolate the bullies; but rather to break down the barriers. Let kids experience that they are valuable and give them tools to stand up for what they believe with confidence. We provide students an opportunity to be real and develop genuine relationships with each other, both peers and teachers alike. Those who attend these presentations will be challenged to reach their full potential and to make an impact in their community and in the world.


Leaders :

Eric & Colette Bobrycki – Momentum Directors
Zach Tecun & Michelle Drost – Momentum Coordinators
Carla Claveau-Ferreira – Momentum Advisor

I often look at my peers and wonder why they are like that and what got them here. You guys coming shed some light on the dark thoughts and places in our lives and minds. I feel more understood and connected to the people that shared, I think a lot of people found out they are not as alone as they feel. You reminded us that empathy is important.
— Anonymous (17) - Gold Strike High School, San Andreas, CA
I realized that I, myself, could be considered a bully... I have friends [I would want to bring next time] who think they’re the only ones with complications in their lives. I’m definitely going to take people’s feelings into consideration before I talk.
— Anonymous (16) - Calaveras River Academy, Calaveras, CA


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