Africa was amazing!! It is an experience that I will never forget and although I have tons of great stories about my experience sadly I only have space to share one with you. The story that stands out the most to me is the story of our first train the trainer workshop.

We held it on the first Saturday after our NGA Club was made at Limkokwing University. 16 people attended the workshop. The Participants who were there I felt were really inspired to be there. Heck they just gave up there Saturday morning to be there. I was floored and in awe of the energy and seriousness they brought. It’s was 9 am on a Saturday and I was lacking just a tad in the energy department but they inspired me.

They were at Level 10 from the very start there was a little hesitation but there excitement and interest pushed them forward. They trusted in us completely and everything just seemed to come together. The first activity we did was a speech teach. We had the participants break into small groups and give 5 min talks on their passion.

As I walked around the room I realized something I found to be extremely profound. What I was able to realize and connect to is the fact that all humans on some level are connected No matter where you are from. We all want success, purpose, belonging, and love The way we find those things are different but that what makes us human but the fact that we all need to find these things is what connects us. So Africa for me was an experience I will never forget because it unlocked my connection to my global family. Thank you for reading.

Robert Holbrook