This year our volunteers collaborated with 7 schools and provided them the Momentum Training Series. The duration of our trainings varied from 6hr assemblies to 1hr30 classroom sessions. In total, we did 16 presentations and were able to work with over 1200 students. Momentum was incredibly moving for the students and volunteers alike. The students were impacted by the amount of vulnerability and empathy introduced to their school experience. The volunteers were extremely inspired by the level of engagement the students showed.

The names of the schools we visited:

- Delta Sierra Middle School

- Hayward High School

- Tennyson High School

- BayTech Middle School

- Christa McAuliffe Middle School

- JFK High School

- American High School


International Service Project

This year’s International Service Project was a month long, and we did service work in a total of 7 countries in Africa and Asia: Nepal, Bangladesh, India, Rwanda, Zambia, Malawi and South Africa. In Nepal we cleaned up a school, planted gardens and helped with various construction projects. In Bangladesh our volunteers aided with a primary school; they taught all subjects, painted all the furniture and bought school supplies. In India, our second year volunteers worked on three programs: Orphanage program, Street Children program and Women Empowerment program. The programs consisted of aiding with child care, teaching English and Mathematics in a school for street children and giving afternoon women empowerment classes to young girls. In Rwanda we painted 6 class rooms using color theory, built a soccer field for the school and taught English in a nursery and primary school. In Zambia we built mud houses for families in need and painted murals at a local high school. In Malawi our service projects consisted of providing feminine products to students and giving general hygiene and character education presentations. And in South Africa we held Momentum training presentations in secondary schools, painted and refurbished a library and sponsored a new playground.