Ah, Summer...

To most young adults, these short and few months are a long-anticipated break from school and the mundane of everyday life. Some may choose to work a part-time job for a bit, or perhaps hang around home and spend time with friends. There is nothing wrong with these pursuits...

But we propose something bigger.

How would you like to live an adventure, develop unbreakable bonds, and create a powerful life-changing experience? If so, NextGen Academy invites you to join our SUMMER CHALLENGE. Simply put, Summer Challenge will be unforgettable. Entirely planned, organized, and executed by the NGA full-year participants, Summer Challenge enables an uplifting, inspiring experience, providing an environment for incredible personal transformation to take place.

Every summer the NextGen Academy offers a 30 day Summer Challenge for young adults ages 16 and up. It is an opportunity for new participants to enter the NGA family, experience the culture and environment, and invest in their personal development and growth. It is also a chance for NGA full-year participants to take ownership over their year by putting into practice all that they have learned throughout their NGA experience. Every full-year participant takes on a leadership role and together, as a team, they create an experience that serves and supports summer challenge participants. 

Intrigued? Then JOIN TODAY!

And get ready. For this summer will be the beginning of an epic adventure! Over the course of one month, your fears will be confronted, internal strength will be tested, and new layers of your true self will be uncovered. Along the way, you will experience a wide variety of activities, both challenging and fun, geared toward growing character, building confidence, and discovering who you truly are.

The specific program schedule is intentionally kept secret to promote active participation with open minds. But among other activities, you can expect an epic road trip, heart-pumping adrenaline-rising challenges, and the opportunity to reflect, learn, and grow, all in a supportive and encouraging environment.

The next Summer Challenge will occur in Summer, 2018. Applications will open in Spring, 2018.